Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Pythagorean numbers 1 through 10

I have briefly examined your frequency work and research with some interest.
Your interest in Pythagorean Mathematics brings a question to mind.
Since all things at their core essence are frequency. Does the name of a thing tell you its frequency? Or perhaps knowing its frequency tells you its "true" name?
As you know, Pythagoras's Mystery Schooling formed the basis of his mathematics. Numbers 1 through 9. Have you discerned the core frequencies for the nine numbers?

This is my interpretation of the Pythagorean numbers 1 through 10.

The number 1 is unity (whatever frequency is put in that place); the number 2 is the octave (including 4,8,16 etc.); the number 3 (includes 6, 12 etc) is the 5th note of the scale (whatever the scale is [do,re,me,fa,sol,la,si, do], [c,d,e,f,g,a,b,c]);
the number 5 (includes 10, etc.)is the 3rd note of the scale; the number 7 (includes 14, etc.) is the seventh note of the scale; the number 9 is the second note of the scale.

The frequencies (with 1 as 256 set as C) are as follows:
256(C), 288(D), 320(Eb), 384(G), 416(Ab), 448(Bb), 480(B)

Core frequencies can be any frequency set at it's resonant frequency.

For instance the sun in its orbit around our galaxy can be set at 333Hz.

A person's choice of Keynote (from the Lambdoma scale) is his/her core frequency.

Take a look at my websites for more information. Remember these are only my own theories.


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