Monday, June 23, 2008

History of Lambdoma Keyboard

Description of the Lambdoma Keyboard
The Lambdoma keyboard has a right and a left duality based upon ratios that are <1 – 1/1 - >1. Ratios that are less than one are on the left side descend. Ratios that are more than 1 are on the right side of the diamond and ascend. When these ratios are multiplied by a frequency representing the musical notations C through C, or Do through Do, eight cycling notes of each scale are heard whether it be C, D, W, F, G, A, B –B or C. Any numerical phenomena may be used as a resonant musical note and placed into an eight-note scale. Therefore all numerical phenomena may be characterized as a musical notation and may be formed into an interdisciplinary data bank limited to eight modalities.

Unique Applications of the Lambdoma Keyboard
The Lambdoma tactile matrix keyboard has the unique ability to generate any keynote through its programming abilities using a Lambdoma_FTS software program with a Vista, XP – ‘Windows’98 computers. It is this generating feature of the Lambdoma Keyboard that allows any numerical frequency to be used as a fundamental audible frequency and enables an interdisciplinary application to the arts, sciences, education and health modalities.

Therapeutic applications of the Lambdoma Keyboard.
Barbara Hero in-group and individual private sessions at conferences across the country and in Europe recorded the many effects from those playing the keyboard. The latest published findings are recorded in “Boston’s IEEE KIMAS’07” CD.
Each row, playing to the right, of the Lambdoma matrix has its ascending arpeggio scale from the tonic to the eighth harmonic and its harmonic scale from the eighth to the 16th harmonic. Each column, playing to the left, has its descending arpeggio scale from the tonic to the eighth sub harmonic and its sub-harmonic scale from the eighth to the 1/16th sub harmonic. Each of the eighth notations are of different frequencies and in different octaves and are in the same matrix so that modulating from the harmonic relationships of key to key maintains the pure energy field of the fundamental chosen frequency. It is this feature that might explain the therapeutic uses of the Lambdoma keyboard.

The Lambdoma Keyboard as a mathematical link between art and music
Barbara Hero designed the Lambdoma Keyboard, “Pythagorean Lambdoma Harmonic Keyboard” PLHK, in the 1990’s after doing research on art, mathematics and music since the 1970’s. Barbara Hero designed the diamond shaped overlays, with color, ratio, and frequency and octave notations.
This research was based on finding a link between visual art and audible music. The link was found to be mathematics of ratios based upon Pythagoras’ “CHI X” matrix and Georg Cantor’s mathematical “array of rational numbers.” The Lambdoma Keyboard’s matrix was programmed first by Robert Miller Foulkrod, in the 1980’s in a software program written in “basic.” David Bellantone became the first person to build the diamond shaped circuit into a wooden housing with the help of Richard Lord. Then in the 1990’s Richard Lord applied the matrix in a diamond form to an electronic printed circuit board within the Lambdoma Keyboard.
Richard Norley using a Java designed a virtual keyboard as an interactive Internet experience. This was lost in cyberspace after being on the web for a few years at in the 1990’s.
In the 1990’s the software was sent to Robert Walker of Fractal Tune Smithy in England who designed an entire software program for the “therapeutic” uses of the Lambdoma Keyboard, including a frame of Lissajous figures. These Lissajous figures have a one-to-one relationship to all the keys that are played at the same time on the Lambdoma Keyboard. A menu frame and a colored diamond keyboard frame are also shown on the monitor. The keyboard frame shows each of the keys pressed in the different colors depending on the keynote chosen.

Paul Mickevich, collaborating with consultant Richard Lord, became the virtual manufacturer of the metal housing of the Lambdoma Keyboard in single quadrants with 64 digital keys and later a four-quadrant keyboard with 256 digital keys. The latest version is now a midi Lambdoma Keyboard that enables a user to connect the Keyboard with a Midi out to a computer’s USB port through an edirol cable.


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