Tuesday, June 10, 2008

frequencies for the 12 essential tissue salts

Firstly thank you for your wonderful sites and information. I have looked at your frequency pages, having used rife frequency treatments for many years and just wanted to ask under the mineral nutrients for bodies chart I wondered if you had frequencies for two other major body nutrients which aren't listed there a) Magnesium and b)sodium. Also the research with sine sounds chart is literally a listing of the acupuncture meridians which is great except for heart - do you have a frequency for the heart? - last question, in your work have you ever found or worked out frequencies for the 12 essential tissue salts, as these work so well with the chakra's and the meridians it would be helpful to know.
Thanks once again-great work.

Magnesium has a frequency of 400 and Sodium has a frequency of 352. The frequency for the heart meridian? I am not sure of this.

I take the mean of the two elements. * note the differences from your list.
I find it very interesting that your frequencies that differ from mine are in inverse relationships of 4ths or 5ths with the exception of 7/ Bb and D#. 4ths and 5ths are very harmonic in music as is Bb and D#.

You could play the frequencies of each at the same time. They would be in a higher octave.
This is all very fascinating.

1/Potassium K19(304) +Cl17(272)= 288 Db
2/K19(304) + S16(256) = 280 B
3/K19(304) + P15(480) = 392* (272=C#; 392=G a diminished 5th!)
4/Na11(352) + CL17(272) = 312* (448=A; 312=Eb close to a 5th! Fibonacci)
5/Na11(352) + S16(256) = 304* (432=Ab; 304=Eb a close to perfect 5th, Fibonacci)
6/Na11(352) + P15(480) = 416 Ab
7/Ca20(320) + F9(288) = 304* (464=Bb; 304=D# inverse relationships!)
8/Ca20(320) + S16(256) = 288 D
9/Ca20(320) + P15(480) = 400* (280=B; 400=G# close to a 4th)
10/Fe26(416) + P15(480) = 448* (328=E; 448=A a 5th Fibonacci)
11/Mg12(384) + P15(480) = 432 Ab
12Si14(448) = 448* (256=C; 448=A an inverse 5th or a 4th)

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