Tuesday, June 10, 2008

doublings of 2 for octave measurements

barb, i think we are closing in on the key to the universe. in fact
i think you are there but dont realize it yet (by that i mean
practical application)... i dont know if you are familar w\ Gl obal
Scaling Theory by muller...if not i implore you to do some research
on it...this is right on! he basically says that the universe is
logrithmic, harmonic...and our linear measure as a basis is invalid....
with this, please advise me on your interpretation of the following
" there exists a Wheel of Generation in which later ratios fill
earlier ones, the wheel being logrithmic where the full circle
represents an octave doubling."... what i actually envisioned was a
wheel with ascending scales on the right side and descending scales
on the left....

I don't know of the Global Scaling Theory but
it sounds interesting. I like the idea of a logrithmic, harmonic

I use doublings of 2 for octave measurements and not the logrithmic
scale. The Lambdoma Keyboard has descending scales on the right hand
side and ascending scales on the left hand side. That has always
appeared as a contradiction to me but it is all a part of the mystery
of the Lambdoma matrix. Mine is in a diamond shape rather than a

I do much therapeutic work with the Lambdoma Keyboard, as I believe
that is its present function. I have developed a simple protocol
which allows a multidimension al statistical analysis that is repeatable.

I just returned from a mathematics conference in Bulgaria with 330
participants from all over the world! I presented a power point of
the Lambdoma history, applications in art and music, and
psychophysical experiments. It was well received. The chairman of
the session said that he could see the Keyboard being applied to
either blind or deaf children to give them another window of expression.

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