Saturday, June 21, 2008

Correlate Colours with Shapes and Keynotes

I have just come across some of your web pages, and they look absolutely fascinating. I have recently been looking at Chladni shapes, and I am currently attempting to consolidate my base-level understanding of quantum physics and the potential for transcending perception/reality based on wavelength perception. I have recently been considering the possibility of using sound and/or color as a means to condition the body and mind, so your research is extremely interesting to me. I have some questions you may be able to help with, if you have time?

First of all, perhaps you could let me know which of your books would be the most accessable, given that I don’t have a grounding in high level mathematics or physics.

Secondly, I was hoping you may be able to clarify the mechanism via which you were able to correlate colours with shapes. I understand that both colors and shapes are simply perceptions of wavelengths, however I would be curious what your starting point was. I understand that the Lambdoma system is based on the interrelationships between intervals, however how do you know that you are in the right “key” musically as a starting point? Or perhaps this doesn’t matter with microtones

Thank you for your email. Conditioning the body/mind by sound and color is a wonderful mission.

My easiest book to understand is the "Resonant Harmonic Scale." It is more meta-physical than some of the others.

Correlating colors with shapes depends upon the musical notation chosen as the "keynote", whether it be C red, D orange, E yellow, F green, G blue, A indigo and B violet.

The shapes would be based upon the ratios of the Lissajous figures' wavelengths associated with the "keynote" chosen. My starting point would be the ratio of 1:1 for C as red, for example. The interrelationships between intervals is cyclic and shifts with each color and notation although the ratios determining the wavelengths is the same with all intervals, tonic, fifths, fourths, thirds, sixths, seconds or sevenths. It doesn't matter with which note you decide to start.


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