Tuesday, June 10, 2008

chakra energy centers: frequencies

The research on your webpage from the Lambdoma Research Institute
(http://members.aol.com/Lambdom3/Chakras.html) describes the individual
frequencies of the body, and as such is a wealth of rare information, however
for the sake of maintaining a scientific standard I was wondering if you might
be able to explain, at least in part, how you came upon these values in your
research – what sort of equipment or techniques you used. Many of your results
correspond with results I have found elsewhere, however being a relatively new
subject there is a distinct lack of information regarding method. In many
cases research has been carried out by corporate bodies for the purposes of
marketing Bio-Resonance music, and the exact frequencies and techniques are
not available to the public.

While the entire page is fascinating (and I must admit I am now curious to
learn more of the Lambdoma matrix, having studies Pythagorean harmonographics
and ratio harmonics in the past) I am, on this occasion, primarily interested
in the tables “Notes and Frequencies of the Organs of the Body”, “Comparison
of Parts of the Body based on the Speed of Sound Through Each Organ to the
Above” and “Research with Sine Sounds”.

Any explanation that you could provide would be immensely appreciated, and
your work would of course be fully credited whenever cited in the paper. I do
not, at this stage, have access to any form of equipment necessary to attempt
to conduct my own findings, and as the study will therefore be highly
theoretical, I would be grateful for anything that might help to validate the

My work is also mainly theoretical. The chakra energy centers were compiled from mostly an intuituve base by me.
The cube seemed logically to be the base chakra to me; the tetrahedron, the polarity 2nd chakra; the octahedron, the solar plexus; the dodecahedron, the heart; and the icosahedron, the throat. These all relate to the shapes in the periodic table of elements, so there might be connections there. Also if one take the frequencies in a reference octave from 256 to 512, the frequencies of the planets seem to be related to the chakra energies if one draws a human figure and places these planet frequencies where they fit between the chakras. I did do a paper for the iEEE KIMAS'05 where the orbit of the sun around the galaxy was 333Hz and this when placed in a generating frequency of 1:1 on the Lambdoma matrix became
representative of some of Helmholtz musical interval ratios to those frequencies of the planets.

As to the frequencies of the organs of the body. I took the average wavelengths of ultrasound and translated these into frequencies. You can find these from any hospital that is working with ultrasound technology. You just have to realize that wavelength and frequency are in inverse relationship to each other.

When people believe that some tool works, then it does for them. I don't think that science has tried to relate music and metaphysics to the sciences yet. But the curiosity is there. I am sure that you are one of the one's that might bring all this to the attention of the science community.


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