Tuesday, June 10, 2008

137,163, E8 and Bucky's UVG

There's plenty more involving 137,163, E8 and Bucky's UVG......

Finding the below was enabled, in part at least, by utilizing the recent discovery cycle transit of Sun sextile Uranus, in orb a few days recently during which time I listened at length to an experimental astrosonics tape I made with an astro-colleague, Paul Dickey, in 1996 which summed up the preponderance of harmonics <30 in the natal charts of 24 historically important mathematicians so I could hear and participate in them. I had earlier found that my math improved with it, not during listening usually, but just afterwards when the better ideas would come, and the way of realizing them was not my usual style, but one more utilizing the tools those other mathematicians were use to using. The tape is tuned as my other astrosonic tapes, simultaneously octavally and phi-power recurrently with Sun sextile Uranus. It sure worked in 1998 to help discover 10800^.5+2703/35126=103.99999999999610057355533825383, which is an integer approximation within a digit accuracy from Ramanujan's constant, but unlike that which is formed from two transcendentals and an irrational, is formed with only an irrational and a ratio, so is unlike any other of that accuracy I have been able to find.

-Michael Healeus, creator of Astrosonics

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